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Adam Quirk is a criminal justice professional with 18 years of experience. He works as a Private Investigator at his company Stealth Advise, of which his is the Principle Owner.

Adam has an extensive professional history that includes employment at numerous US government agencies. Adam Quirk is a graduate of the FBI Academy and former Special Agent at the FBI. In his everyday, Adam uses the knowledge, training, and expertise he has from his prior roles. He is an expert in private and criminal investigations and conducting background checks/screenings.

Currently, Adam conducts domestic and international investigations for his work at Stealth Advise. At the start of 2019, Adam Quirk also began working at Facebook in Menlo Park, California as a Global Investigator. He is highly educated and trained with numerous degrees, certifications, and recognitions that he has received over the years. Currently, he is based in Dallas, Texas.



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