Things That Could Improve the Workings of Your Small Business

As humans, we are always looking for things that will help our lives run more efficiently. Something that will help us to get tasks done more quickly and efficiently. But can that same thought be applied to your business? What are some things that you haven’t thought of that could help your business and your customers or clients?

Repayment Options

Many businesses have turned to this as a way of getting their customers to spend more but to help with the sticker shock. With repayment applications such as Klarna, AfterPay, and Sezzle, customers are allowed to pay back their purchases through the apps payment plans breaking their purchases up into four payments. Many stores have adopted this for their online stores, but it is slowly creeping its way into brick-and-mortar stores. 

Touchless Pay 

With having to adapt to the changes of the coronavirus, more and more establishments are turning to touchless pay methods such as Venmo, Paypal, Apple, and GooglePay. All allow the customer to pay the merchant without having any contact with the credit card machines. More stores are adapting these methods, so they do not have to clean their card machines, making everyone easier continually. 

Texting Services 

A texting service is excellent for sending out things to make your customers aware of what’s going on. Are you having a sale? Discount codes? These are all things that your texting service can be used for. It is also a great way to keep your customers involved. 

Making Your Website Responsive

Making your website responsive could help you act as a lead generating tool that can connect with each online customer. Creating chatbots that can help answer questions is great for interaction online. You can also use this tool to communicate sales, much like with the texting service. 

Online Collaboration

With more people than ever working from home currently, many businesses are looking for a means of communication with their employees. Applications like Skype, Slack, and LifeWire are all great to stay connected with employees and allow you to stay up to date with what is going on with them. With Skype, you can easily have video conferencing chats that will enable you to have meetings quickly, and your employees can chat with you at the touch of a button. 

from Adam Quirk Blog – Adam Quirk

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