Helpful Apps for Your Small Business

Running a business can be challenging. There are several apps that can help you run a small business. Here are some of the productivity apps that will guide you on how to manage a small business.


Evernote is an application that enables you to organize your notes. This application allows you to take notes at the comfort of your home or office. These include meeting notes or even your to-do-list. The application also enables you to find and share ideas faster.


Wunderlist is more of your most effective to-do list. The application enables you to personalize your tasks. Wunderlist is easily accessible and can be shared from anywhere. The app creates and updates the tasks automatically.

Wunderlist has a new, more advanced version. The latest version enables you to delegate the listed tasks to others. You can also divide the tasks into subtasks. Wunderlist allows you to set reminders and add notes. The version is free.


Pocket allows you to save materials that you cannot read right away. These materials can be articles, videos, or emails. You do not require an internet connection to access this application. It is easily accessible and free.


Rescuetime will take control of your time. It holds you accountable. The application keeps track of where you spend your time. Thus, you will set your productivity goals. The advanced version of this app has new features. These features will enable you to set notifications and block some sites. Rescuetime also tracks offline activity.


Basecamp is a management application. The application allows you to collaborate within the projects and share files. You can also track your progress in projects from the application. Additionally, you can also create calendars and track employees from the App.


This application allows you to organize conversations. The app enables you to create channels and chats. You can also filter your clients and projects as per your liking using this application. The basic version of slack is free.


For any business to prosper, a good customer relationship is required. Insightly is an application that will help you categorize your customer contacts. You can also create reminders to keep track of customers.

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